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Crowdfunding Course 101 in British Columbia?

By Antonio A Arias and Joy Case

KnowledgeSince the announcement of the JOBS Act in April 2012, we have hosted speaking events,  crowdfunding meetups and webinars focused on the why and what of crowdfunding.  After months of discussions with a recognized institution in British Columbia, we are now drafting a course outline.

Crowdfunding/ crowdsourcing is definitely going main stream.  On October 23, 2013, the US SEC regulators tabled the JOBS Act Title III proposed crowdfunding rules for public comment. In Canada each provincial securities regulators are jockeying up for the leadership position while awaiting a national holistic solution. Saskatchewan was first off the gate yesterday (Dec.6, 2013) when it legalized crowdfunding to non-accredited investors.

To offer courses, the challenge is who to please first. Our objective is to educate three principal audiences with respect to time savings and financial gains:

  1. small and medium size businesses (SMEs),
  2. investors, and
  3. professional service providers.

With technology advances, we can do more with less time, save money, and gain more revenues.

What is it about technology that changes everything?

Answer: It is all in the proprietary technology, which we will cover during the course. For those innovative early adopters, you are already experiencing it. We would like you to be our special guests too.

Our introductory course will be focused on the how to of  presales and equity crowdfunding.

We are targeting the following audience for these reasons:

Target Audience Reasons
Entrepreneurs contemplating on test marketing or preselling their prototypes. Portals are a good starting point to test market your minimum viable product (MVP) at lower investment costs.
Entrepreneurs contemplating equity crowdfunding Equity financing involves all business school disciplines: marketing (IR/PR, social/traditional media), finance/accounting, securities law, human resources, psychology/sociology, arts and science, among others.
Investors – speculators, strategic, angels, venture capitalists, private equity funds,  institutional Financing ecosystem will converge from angel, VC, PE, secondary trading, all the way to liquidity events by M&A or going public.Information technology has created a flatter world. If we break down silos or information gatekeepers dividing investor groups, we can all profit more efficiently.
Securities regulators, securities lawyers Technology replaces archaic systems and still provides protective measures to investors while facilitating capital flow.
Professional  service providers (finance/analysts/ accountants, marketing IR/PR social media, securities lawyers) Understand how technology has made our jobs so much easier and how you can provide more value added services to clients.
Traditionalists Technology does not replace everything but enhances our productivity.  Find out how it complements your current practices.

Call to Action:

Here are our draft Learning Outcomes (Duration: Two six hour Saturday sessions)

  1. Understand the 4 types of crowdfunding; historical and current practices
  2. Understand how technology has enhanced financing and marketing practices
  3. Identify and analyse best practices for successful crowdfunding campaigns
  4. Gain experience producing and marketing video for investment pitches
  5. Research and analyse social media marketing and public relations for campaigns
  6. Understand how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing  are used as market research and predictive analytics
  7. Integrating online and offline finance and marketing practices

We plan to host a series of courses and your inputs will allow us to deliver a better service.  If you identify yourself as one of the above audiences, what would you like to learn from our introductory crowdfunding course?

Your comments or inquiries are valuable to us. Please contact us through this blog or via our Twitter handles; @HealthVCFunder for Antonio and @FundItTV for Joy.



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Riding the Crowdfund Wave – the What How and Why

[Please play this slidecast on your desktop or laptop. At this time Ipad, Iphone, or other mobile does not work with voice]

What is the status of securities rules in the US and in Canada?

What type of equity based crowdfunding is allowed by the SEC? And why might the Canadian regulators might adapt the same?

What can entrepreneurs do now while waiting for the securities rules for non-accredited investor crowd?

How pre-marketing helps find and win customers and investors?

How accelerators/ incubators or mentors give entrepreneurs a marketing edge?

How can entrepreneurs/ investors profit financially and socially from crowdfunding?

Why are we in to crowdfunding?

Why should all investors support crowdfunding? What’s in it for them?

These are only some of the questions we answered. The audience asked more. What have you got for us?

Would you like to find ways you can profit from crowdfunding? Click below and join us at the 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp



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Healthy Crowdfunder Trio Meets BC Premier Christy Clark

(At the Liberal Party Delegate Policy Conference, August 25, 2012)

Commitment means saying something and actually doing it. When Joy Case and I said we will see Premier Christy Clark to convince her that a BC JOBS Act similar to President Obama’s April 5, 2012 historic approval will create jobs. We meant it. Joining us was Heidi Henderson, CEO of Vital Wellness http://vitalwellnessgroup.com/ who is about to open a holistic clinic in the health conscious Kitsilano community of Vancouver.

In British Columbia we are committed to achieving two immediate goals:

  1. Create jobs in collaboration with our securities regulators, by designing an entrepreneur friendly and investor safe equity/ debt based crowdfunding.
  2. Through Healthy Crowdfunder, help reduce health care costs by financing and co-developing health wellness and high tech health ventures, starting in Canada and in the United States.

At the conference, like anywhere we went, we have realized that we have a huge job just to educate people what crowdfunding is all about. Why is it important that we met with Premier Clark? Just like what Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, and Zak Cassady-Dorion obtained the approval of President Obama, we wish to win Premier Christy Clark’s buy-in right from the top, as soon as possible. We know we have to meet with Mr Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation, but he was not at the conference. Creating jobs is a global issue.  The results emanating from the current debate or process to implement practical securities rules for crowdfunding apply to Canada as well. Why reinvent the wheel, when we can improve upon what our American friends are already doing? We have enough challenge as it is because Canada has 13 different securities regulators as opposed to just one national regulator. Consider this: we are a country of 30 million people versus 300 million people in the US. If you are an entrepreneur,  which is the bigger market and farther ahead with crowdfunding? We do not want to lose you, our brains to our neighbors when we need you here to create jobs and economic growth.

We wish to thank Scott Harrison, President of the Liberal Party delegates for Vancouver West End riding, who has made it possible for us to meet with Premier Clark at such a timely manner. We also wish to thank Dr Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Labour, Citizen’s Services and Open Government, who has given us more tips on how we can access other political leaders. For a copy of the White Paper prepared by Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, and Davis Jones, see CCA Government White Paper .

To our fellow entrepreneurs, let your voices be heard. For the first time in financial history, and partly due to advances in social media technology, and a more open generation, we should be able to design  entrepreneur friendly and investor safe securities rules for crowdfunding.

We are looking for leaders who identify with our mission and help us execute. Please contact Antonio Arias via www.facebook.com/healthy.crowdfunder. While our crowdfunding platform is under construction, we are posting health matters and crowdfunding developments at that page.

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