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Covers early initiation stage

Equity Crowdfunding Wakes Up Goliath


crowdfunding-secondary-marketLast year on June 19, 2013, we hosted our first crowdfunding meetup called  “Crowdfunding Reinvents the Old Stock Exchange” and late adopters ignored the equity crowdfunding word. Not this past week.

You know crowdfunding is going mainstream when the:

  1.  TMX Group, Canada’s most senior stock exchange recognizes crowdfunding as competition in its latest Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) for fiscal year 2013.
  2.  TMX Group  has announced they are operating a private marketplace following  NASDAQ OMX announcement on March 6th.
  3.  US SEC and FINRA are finally processing the public comments for the JOBS Act Title III which will effectively legalize crowd investing by non-accredited investors to virtually all kinds of private businesses through the internet.
  4.  Ontario Securities Commission  and other provincial securities regulator  joined the stampede this past week inviting the public to comment on their proposed crowdfunding rules until June 18, 2014.
  5.  Venture capitalists have injected more capital into equity funding platforms CircleUp $14 million   and Realty Mogul $9 million.


Furthermore, the US JOBS Act will facilitate a pipeline of companies remaining private until mature enough to go public


  1. Title II (after 80 years) finally allows businesses to solicit or advertise fund raising to accredited investors using various social media and traditional marketing channels.
  2.  Title IV Regulation A+ will allow companies raise up to $50 million “ lite IPO” or mini registration  and Title V will increase shareholder count from 500 to 2,000 before becoming a reporting issuer. See earlier blog Crowdfunding Is Better Than You Think


So what do all these news mean to you?

If you are an Investor

 Accredited or non-accredited, angels, other high net worth (HNW), or institutional investor, start looking for funding platforms that:

  • conducts a comprehensive due diligence and vetting of businesses using its platform
  • places a high priority on investor protection at optimal costs
  • recruits proven management with appropriate skill sets to partner with issuers
  • facilitates liquidity paths for investors prior to the bigger exit
  • experienced in best practices in corporate governance and investor relations with publicly listed companies
  • managed by people aligned with investors’ interest through co-investment

If you are a startup or early revenue stage business

While making your company investor ready, start looking for funding platforms that:

  • places a high priority on educating the non-accredited investors on the various risks associated with a particular business before investing
  • works with your management like partners from funding to exit
  • encourages global syndication or collaboration with other platforms so you succeed in raising capital faster
  • prepares your company to graduate to more senior capital exchanges

At Healthy Crowdfunder we are committed to the highest standards and best practices applied in the public capital markets at optimal costs.



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Crowdfunding Course 101 in British Columbia?

By Antonio A Arias and Joy Case

KnowledgeSince the announcement of the JOBS Act in April 2012, we have hosted speaking events,  crowdfunding meetups and webinars focused on the why and what of crowdfunding.  After months of discussions with a recognized institution in British Columbia, we are now drafting a course outline.

Crowdfunding/ crowdsourcing is definitely going main stream.  On October 23, 2013, the US SEC regulators tabled the JOBS Act Title III proposed crowdfunding rules for public comment. In Canada each provincial securities regulators are jockeying up for the leadership position while awaiting a national holistic solution. Saskatchewan was first off the gate yesterday (Dec.6, 2013) when it legalized crowdfunding to non-accredited investors.

To offer courses, the challenge is who to please first. Our objective is to educate three principal audiences with respect to time savings and financial gains:

  1. small and medium size businesses (SMEs),
  2. investors, and
  3. professional service providers.

With technology advances, we can do more with less time, save money, and gain more revenues.

What is it about technology that changes everything?

Answer: It is all in the proprietary technology, which we will cover during the course. For those innovative early adopters, you are already experiencing it. We would like you to be our special guests too.

Our introductory course will be focused on the how to of  presales and equity crowdfunding.

We are targeting the following audience for these reasons:

Target Audience Reasons
Entrepreneurs contemplating on test marketing or preselling their prototypes. Portals are a good starting point to test market your minimum viable product (MVP) at lower investment costs.
Entrepreneurs contemplating equity crowdfunding Equity financing involves all business school disciplines: marketing (IR/PR, social/traditional media), finance/accounting, securities law, human resources, psychology/sociology, arts and science, among others.
Investors – speculators, strategic, angels, venture capitalists, private equity funds,  institutional Financing ecosystem will converge from angel, VC, PE, secondary trading, all the way to liquidity events by M&A or going public.Information technology has created a flatter world. If we break down silos or information gatekeepers dividing investor groups, we can all profit more efficiently.
Securities regulators, securities lawyers Technology replaces archaic systems and still provides protective measures to investors while facilitating capital flow.
Professional  service providers (finance/analysts/ accountants, marketing IR/PR social media, securities lawyers) Understand how technology has made our jobs so much easier and how you can provide more value added services to clients.
Traditionalists Technology does not replace everything but enhances our productivity.  Find out how it complements your current practices.

Call to Action:

Here are our draft Learning Outcomes (Duration: Two six hour Saturday sessions)

  1. Understand the 4 types of crowdfunding; historical and current practices
  2. Understand how technology has enhanced financing and marketing practices
  3. Identify and analyse best practices for successful crowdfunding campaigns
  4. Gain experience producing and marketing video for investment pitches
  5. Research and analyse social media marketing and public relations for campaigns
  6. Understand how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing  are used as market research and predictive analytics
  7. Integrating online and offline finance and marketing practices

We plan to host a series of courses and your inputs will allow us to deliver a better service.  If you identify yourself as one of the above audiences, what would you like to learn from our introductory crowdfunding course?

Your comments or inquiries are valuable to us. Please contact us through this blog or via our Twitter handles; @HealthVCFunder for Antonio and @FundItTV for Joy.


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Healthy Crowdfunder Collaborates with British Columbia Investment Capital Branch


To Offer 30% Tax Credit to New BC Investors 

Vancouver, British Columbia – Healthy Crowdfunder Corp (“HCC”) is pleased to announce that the Company has been registered (Registration No. 30965) as an Eligible Business Corporation (EBC) under section 28.2 of The Province of British Columbia’s Small Business Venture Capital Act.

The Equity Authorization will allow HCC to raise equity capital directly from eligible Investors   who are BC residents or taxable corporations. Individuals who purchase shares of HCC are eligible to receive a refundable tax credit equal to 30% of their investment amount, up to a maximum of $60,000 in credits per taxation year. Corporations may only deduct the tax credits from their BC taxes otherwise payable under the BC Income Tax Act. There is no annual limit on the tax credit for corporations; however, the credits are non-refundable.

The 30% tax credits are offered on a first come – first serve basis, as part of a limited government allocation and it is expected that they will be fully allocated by the end of October 2013. Investments in Healthy Crowdfunder are also fully RRSP eligible.  A BC resident investing $10,000 and transferring the securities to his RRSP at the top marginal rate is saving $7,370 for a net investment of $2,630.

InvestmentRRSP deduction at 43.7% marginal rate

Tax refund at 30%




Total tax savingsNet investment at risk



CEO Antonio Arias noted: “The BC Venture Capital Act is a progressive program allowing us to develop and offer our crowdfunding and crowdsourcing services to the huge healthcare ventures in the US and Canada. The completion of the platform will facilitate the introduction of members – health ventures, investors, service providers, and customers – resulting in more efficient flow of capital and other resources. Technology is advancing at exponential rate. The traditional ways of doing business are being replaced by more intelligent and economic systems delivering faster results. Various sectors in healthcare market can benefit the most as the world’s ageing population continues to rise.”

We are very grateful to Rachelle Kallechy, Portfolio Manager and Jeff Lindsay, Executive Director of the BC Investment Capital Branch for all their efforts to qualify us for this special program of the Ministry of International Trade. When authorized for $1 Million, it is akin to the BC government investing $300,000 towards technology business and job creations. One of our plans is to develop an accelerator in Vancouver similar to RockHealth (San Francisco) and StartUp Health (New York).

Watch Premier Christy Clark as she inspires us to dream about our country.

About Healthy Crowdfunder Corp

Healthy Crowdfunder Corp is a privately held technology company which is being launched to develop a platform linking members such as health ventures, investors, service providers, and customers to advance the development and commercialization of preventive, predictive and personalized (“3Ps”) health solutions. With the advent of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding arising from technological advancements, HCC will address the 3Ps of the $3 trillion healthcare market by creating an ecosystem where the members can collaborate and operate expeditiously to the benefit of all health consumers.

Watch Premier Christy Clark as she inspires us to dream about our country

About The Small Business Venture Capital Act

To claim BC Venture Capital Tax Credit

Venture capital programs encourage investors to make equity capital investments in British Columbia small businesses that will enhance and diversify the provincial economy.  The government recognizes that creating new small businesses and expanding existing ones will contribute to a healthy economy.  These programs give small business continuous access to early-stage venture capital to help them develop and expand.


Contact Information:

Healthy Crowdfunder Corp

Antonio A Arias

Chief Executive Officer

T: 1+ 650-319-7418  | 1+ 778-889-8509


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Dr Eric Topol Discusses the Creative Destruction of Medicine

Eric Topol 5 of 25

Eric Topol 5 of 25 (Photo credit: canada.2020)

By Antonio A.  Arias

Dr Eric TopolWe at Healthy Crowdfunder believe in the

Personalized Health Manifesto: Predictive, Preventive and Personalized health solutions. Sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation,  journalist David Ewing Duncan wrote:  “By focusing on the whole human organism, the manifesto challenges the prevailing use of drugs and protocols to target populations and averages rather than individuals. It further outlines the necessary groundwork for speeding up the process of moving from research to new drugs and other products and treatments by introducing more effective models that will ultimately improve health and reduce health care costs.”

The more we emphasize this proactive model, the less likely people are to develop fatal and costly illnesses. Each individual is unique in his or her ways, appearance as well as beliefs, and the same goes for our bodies. Prevention and prediction are the two key solutions, after which with the quantum progress in technology, almost  anything can be personalized.

Watch this  interview as Dr Eric Topol Discusses the Creative Destruction of Medicine about the technological advances in the health industry,  saving time and money, digital tools  to predict and prevent possible illnesses or act as personalized treatment to people with chronic ailments.

The new gadgets that Dr. Topol talked about fits right into our three main priorities. They are exactly what we want to support so that people all over the world get the most optimum health solution possible.

In order for these new inventions to become standardized medical tools, their reliability still has to be proven. I find it hard to get my head around the fact that such a small device that is attached to my mobile phone could potentially save my life. What if the device is carried in a bag and gets dirty, will it still give accurate results? It is a challenge to mainstream medical devices but if they are applied successfully, the outcome could be life saving.

The health industry is evolving in a way that it is improving existing systems and developing amazing technology. Who would have imagined holding a device attached to your phone that can read your blood pressure? These new innovations are reducing prices and making medical care more accessible to people. If  Dr. Topol’s vision becomes more main stream, then the next few decades will revolutionize the way we view and interact with medical care.

I think Dr. Topol is completely right, we would all like to know more about our body’s health condition, knowledge that could predict a heart attack or prevent us from becoming seriously ill. Let’s support innovators who have the know-how yet lack the means to develop technology that will only benefit us all!

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August 3, 2013 · 3:01 pm

Top CEO Leadership Secrets

For Mukesh Ambani, Chairman & MD of Reliance Industries, and one of Asia’s richest men, “leadership is about soul, heart, and mind. ‘Soul’ is what you believe in – your values. Everyone’s values are different; it’s not necessary to converge on them. ‘Heart’ is your passion – it gives you the courage to build something and compassion and the other qualities that define who you are. The last and least is ’mind’ – your competences.”

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Happy Mother’s Day – 5 Things Mother Taught Me

by Antonio Arias

IMG-20110929-00021In honor of my mother today being Mother’s Day, let me share some of the things she taught me about business. I was very fortunate to be her first-born as she often shared with me her working days even when I was a kid.

1. Respect other people’s money
Your business will grow as long as you are delivering your customers’ needs. When you grow, you will need other partners or investors to keep delivering more of what your customers need. Your investors become your customers too. Respect them by investing their money to what you said you will do. If you have to change your direction, ask them permission or return their money. Return their money plus the profit they expected to gain.

2. Give generously but wise about giving your time
Building relationships is sharing the most important finite resource that you will never get back – time. The only way to be wise about who to give your time to is to get better at knowing people. The only way to know people is to keep investing at them by understanding their motives and their values. So giving time is a form of investment. Not all will yield a positive return. Diversify your investment in the kind of people you deal with. Once you know the people you can trust, no contract will be strong enough to protect your interests.

3. We are in business to serve
Customers’ needs always come first. Never chase money for the sake of money. It always comes as a result of delivering results. Spend enough time to understand the changing needs of your customers. Know your competition as that is the only way you can deliver something better that your customers will buy.

4. Negotiate hard but make everyone win
To deliver results mean recruiting partners or suppliers. We are all playing to win. Sometimes, you have to defer your rewards to make others win first. Understand the motivation of your partners. Winning does not come from hard cash alone. Offer something else to compensate so that all of you achieve your respective goals.

5. Maintain balance
Life has to be fun. Mom always had a happy disposition. I remember mostly happy moments with her, probably because she was always talking with other people. She gave out energy as much as she took in. If she was not working in business, she was playing the piano or doing some cooking for all of us to enjoy. For me balance meant using both the left and right side of the brain. Spending time being creative as opposed to analysing data, or simply exercising to get the rusty parts of our mind and body functioning. My Mom taught me to work hard and play hard.



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Healthy Crowdfunder Announces Landing Page Milestone

It all started at 6 Degrees on October 7, 2011 when Joy whispered and planted a seed inside my mind. I believed her reluctantly. She talked about so many ideas as in AnIdeanation. As a finance man, crowdfunding kept echoing in my ears. In April 2011, Obama approved the JOBS Act and I asked – what is the big deal that it needed Obama’s signature? Then sometime late May or June, Kickstarter raised over $10 million for Pebble Watch. This time I said I got to take this seriously. I went back to our shareholders at Antamarka Resources Inc and announced a change of strategy from financing junior mining exploration in Peru and Colombia to financing health wellness and high tech health ventures in the world. With the “Great Recession” we’re in, going back to the basics as food or health combined with an ageing population, it was an easy decision.

This week is a milestone event for us. Special thanks go to Alon and his team at InvestedIn; Nick, Jason and his production team at Blue Chip Productions and last but not least to Joy, my best friend “Queen of Crowdfunding” and co-host at FunditTV Behold, we present our first landing page
click here –

Download your free checklist for entrepreneurs and investors and subscribe to our forthcoming regular health tips.

I am Antonio, at your service. Join us in our mission “to help people live long happy healthy lives, in mind body and spirit”.

Welcome to the world’s first largest happy and joyful Healthy Crowdfunder!


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