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Invest in Healing Healthcare

Dr Lisa Rankin explains we can all be part of the health solution. We need a healthy mind. Watch about the things that make us live longer. We need more doctors like her. Tell us about your experience. We can all make a difference by sharing this video to our doctors or healthcare providers.


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Sunday is Gratitude Day for the Healthy Crowdfunder

Every Sunday I go through my list of people to be grateful about. Here’s why I am grateful to them.

1. Ruth Hedges, CEO of Funding Roadmap for hosting an educational, friendly, fun-filled conference in Vegas and for inviting leading edge players in crowdfunding. I finally got to meet face to face with two of our Healthy Crowdfunder’s advisors – Sara Hanks, CEO of CrowdCheck and Dara Albright, CEO of Now Street Media . It was a good excuse to meet again with Maurice Lopes, CEO of Early Shares . Because of Ruth, I also finally met the famous Candace Klein of SoMolend . Because of Ruth, our Healthy Crowdfunder has more deal flow prospects that it can handle at the moment. I met accelerators and entrepreneurs from Texas, Arizona, New York, and California. I was so impressed with Ruth and her guests, I proposed we do another booth camp conference either in Seattle or Vancouver this March 2013.

2. Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss, Founder of Crowdfund Capital Advisors, for sharing his words of inspirations as we recruit more volunteer lobbyists in British Columbia. I wish more British Columbian Canadian entrepreneurs would step forward. We are working for you to gain easier access to capital. You get what you give – Law of Karma – not right away but in time. Nature has a way of reciprocating. Check out our video

3. Narges Nirumvala, CEO of Executive Speech, Coach International – for being such a high energy cheerleader and inspiration for entrepreneurs, who kept her word to comment on our blog. I like people who speak and act accordingly. That makes me one of her raving fans.

4. Cindy Gordon, Chairperson of Invest Crowdfund Canada, for being a patient coach, for her well intentioned maternal instincts, and for her efforts to make things work out for us lobbyist volunteers in British Columbia.

5. Joy Case Van Hove, CEO of FunditTV and Anideanation – one of my very best friends, for the videos we have produced together. Those videos are working for us even while we sleep. A lot of our American and Canadian new friends have approached me because of them. I am forever indebted to Joy and will someday reciprocate in one way or another.

6. Yuliya Inopina, an investor relations professional in mining – for being a Healthy Crowdfunder fan. She is starting to “healthimize” her lifestyle.

7. Heidi Richter, Founder of Enlightened Decadence, a very old friend (well she’s not that old) for the fun experience. I could hardly wait to crowdfund her New York style bakery products. Surprise, surprise, I am not supposed to spill her ideas yet. Our objective is to inspire everyone to follow their bliss, to live in the NOW and to do whatever your heart pleases you. "Follow Your Bliss Now"

8. Last but not least, I am grateful to all the client prospects I have met this week and the others we are doing due diligence on. Please bear with us as we launch our Healthy Crowdfunder soon. Check out our landing page for free checklists before crowdfunding or before investing or buying. For other developments, Like Us at


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Delete Fear, Think Love and Feel Love

This is an example of a two minute health tip on mind, body, and spirit. Today, I will focus on your mind. Read aloud.

Go back to age 3 or 4. Think about the first people who influenced your thoughts and emotions. You know who they are. Ask them who programmed their minds. Did you notice, they injected fear in your mind to assert their influence, and to ensure you complied? If FEAR was not added to the process, would you have obeyed? Chances are, no. Think about why you gravitate to certain people. Most of them love you, and I mean that in a universal way. They lift you up. they give you so much hope. They are always positive, rain or shine.

You are a big person now and have access to information not readily available to your parents and grandparents – global information from different cultures. Go back to your sociology books. Analyse why certain societies behaved the way they did. Who were the thought leaders that influenced them? If you go continent by continent, it is easy to understand why Europeans, Africans, Asians think in a certain way. I had friends, some very close, from Germany, Japan, China, Latin America, Africa, and of course America. I have observed how religion influenced their culture, which was primarily fear based.

Now, observe the Americans from the US. Observe why New Yorkers are different from other Americans in the field of finance. Compare them with the Londoners and Torontonians. Compare them with people from Hongkong, Singapore, Germany, or Japan.

There is no place in this world other than in the US where the freedom of speech is so highly respected and tolerated. We wonder why the Americans are always on the leading edge? They are not afraid to speak their minds. They are more open and understand each other well because they tell it the way it is, right from the heart.

The heart is symbolized by love. Think and feel Love and DELETE fear from your dictionary. Now observe the thought leaders who speak about love all the time. Don't listen to me. Try it for yourself. After all, you are in control of what you think and what you feel. When you Delete fear from your feelings, almost everything becomes possible. Think and feel LOVE NOW.


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