HealthyCrowdfunderLogo HD

aims to become the leading financing platform connecting Accredited Investors/Institutional to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and managing the relationships from funding to exit.

Financial Mission

To help entrepreneurs grow their business in health ventures involved in the “3Ps” preventive, predictive, and personalized health.

Social Mission
Through the health ventures we co-finance and co-develop, we aim to help people live long happy healthy lives.


After nearly four years since the US JOBS Act was approved, in May 2016, the US SEC eventually released the Title III rules allowing for the non-accredited investor crowdfunding. However, the compliance costs outweigh the benefits of using Title III rules to solicit non-accredited investors. Consequently, US Congressman Patrick McHenry has proposed the Fix Crowdfunding Act to remedy the inefficacy of the current Title III rules. Until it is legally in force, Healthy Crowdfunder has deferred any further development of the platform and is focused on the search for, co-financing and co-developing of its target businesses.


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