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Riding the Crowdfund Wave – the What How and Why

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What is the status of securities rules in the US and in Canada?

What type of equity based crowdfunding is allowed by the SEC? And why might the Canadian regulators might adapt the same?

What can entrepreneurs do now while waiting for the securities rules for non-accredited investor crowd?

How pre-marketing helps find and win customers and investors?

How accelerators/ incubators or mentors give entrepreneurs a marketing edge?

How can entrepreneurs/ investors profit financially and socially from crowdfunding?

Why are we in to crowdfunding?

Why should all investors support crowdfunding? What’s in it for them?

These are only some of the questions we answered. The audience asked more. What have you got for us?

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Dr. Topol Prescribes Smart Apps

by Harriet Jansen

We at Healthy Crowdfunder believe in the Health Manifesto that emphasizes three things: Predictive, Preventive and Personalized health solutions. The more these three areas are emphasized and focused on, the less likely it will be for people to develop fatal and costly illnesses. Each individual on this planet is unique in his or her ways, appearance as well as beliefs, and the same goes for our bodies. No body is alike which means that in order to get optimal care, health solutions should focus on treatment before the fact rather than after.

Watch this ten minute interview with Dr. Eric Topol on the technological advances we are currently experiencing in the health industry, advances that not only save time and money, but have the ability to predict and prevent possible illnesses or act as personalized treatment to people with chronic ailments.

The new gadgets that Dr. Topol is introducing fit right into our three main priorities. They are exactly what we want to support so that people all over the world get the best medical treatment possible.

In order for these new inventions to become standardized medical tools, their reliability still has to be proven. I find it hard to get my head around the fact that such a small device that is attached to my mobile phone could potentially save my life. What if the device is carried in my purse and gets dirty, will it still give me accurate results? It is a challenge to mainstream medical devices but if they are applied successfully, the outcome could be astronomical.

The health industry is evolving in a way that it is improving existing systems and developing amazing technology. Who would have imagined holding a device attached to your phone that can read your blood pressure? These new innovations are reducing prices and making medical care more accessible to people, something that should be made a priority. If what Dr. Topol is saying is true, then the next few decades will revolutionize the way we view and interact with healthcare.

I think Dr. Topol is completely right, we would all like to know more about our body’s health condition, knowledge that could predict a heart attack or prevent us from becoming seriously ill. Let’s support innovators who have the know-how yet lack the means to develop technology that will only benefit us all!

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March 19, 2013 · 12:07 am

Yoga With Vesna Bliss by Harriet Jansen

Vesna Bliss

These past few winter months have left some or even most of us feeling tired and lifeless. The Vancouver rain makes one want to stay at home rather than go out. Additionally, one prefers to take the car or public transportation instead of walking. This lack of fresh air and movement creates stiffness and disables the flow of energy in our body. I had been feeling this way for a few weeks and knew I had to find some form of exercise to get me out of my current state of hibernation!

Therefore last weekend, in an attempt to boost my energy levels and increase my level of awareness, I attended a Kundalini Yoga class with Vesna Bliss. Fortunately it was a sunny day and in the spirit of adding exercise to my day whenever and wherever I can, I decided to walk the twenty minutes to where the class was being held rather than taking the bus. This walk alone helped me get into the mood of doing something good for my body and brought joy to my mind.

The room was filled with light and with the support of Vesna’s relaxing tunes I was in the right mindset to start this one hour journey to awaken vitality, increasing awareness and reducing fatigue. The class started with a brief mantra to loosen up our face and throat and getting us centered. After that, she took us through a set of poses that aimed at letting our natural energy flow steadily throughout our bodies by intense breathing and concentration. A few poses were aimed at strengthening our core muscles as well as increasing our flexibility and balance.

The session ended with what seemed like a half hour meditation although it was only eleven minutes. This was my first meditation experience and it was great. In order to help us keep our minds clear, we sang a three word mantra “Sat Kar Tar” which means “Doer of the Truth” and should invite love into your heart.

This practice made me feel relaxed, light and ready to embrace the day. It truly awoke both my body and mind and I can only recommend it to all of you out there who need to be kicked out of their state of hibernation!

Harriet and FabianAbout Harriet Jansen:

As a student of International Business in Germany, I started volunteering as an Intern at Healthy Crowdfunder Corp. During my exchange semester at BCIT here in Vancouver I was acquainted with the concept of crowdfunding and with a little bit of luck introduced to Tony Arias who was kind enough to offer me this exciting opportunity. Being an advocate for healthy living as well as highly interested in finance and marketing, I could not have found a better fit.

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