A Mini-Stroke Can Damage More Than the Brain (Why Finance Health Part 3)

woman in pain

People usually think about their health when they are already in pain, someone in the family has cancer, or suffered a heart attack, a stroke, or someone just died of some fatal illness.

This is the true story of two people very close to me. To protect the identity of this couple, we will call him Bob and his wife Margaret. Bob is a health junkie, lean muscular and looks twenty five years younger than his biological age. Nevertheless, he got hurt another way.

It all began in April 2001 when Margaret, his wife of many years suffered a brain attack called mini stroke – two years after he ventured into the health and wellness business. It marked the beginning of a long excruciating emotional and physical pain for his entire family. Shortly after Margaret’s debilitating stroke, she was diagnosed with hypertension, cataract and Type 2 diabetes. Ironically, their family had been running two successful health food businesses and Margaret was even a registered nurse. In fact, Bob said, he acquired the business to convert her into living a healthy lifestyle. Margaret had the privileged access to the products and professionals. Getting stroke at a young age should have been a wake up call. Instead, she continued to live the same way that led to her attack. Bob and his children tried to make her realize things would only worsen without changing her lifestyle – but to no avail.

Four years later in July 2005, Margaret’s system seized up. Her two kidneys shut down permanently. She had to undergo kidney dialysis four times a week. It was the only way to live; otherwise she would have died in a few days. Her obesity led to depression and a sicker mind. Her personal relationships kept falling apart including their marriage. Bob found it difficult to help a person who kept doing the same thing and expecting different results. Unlike her, he is always full of life and energy, capable of multi-tasking. Bob embraces life and everything about it. He said his wife had a death wish. He did everything he can. Unfortunately, the mini stroke might have damaged certain parts of her brain.

In December 2005, it was a good thing he went back home to check on his wife. Had he not reached her on time, Margaret was ready to kill herself, with a suicide note. Bob made a mistake. He tried to cure a sick mind. In Margaret’s case, she needed the true professionals.

In April 2006, he gave up and dropped the bomb and asked for divorce. She fought really hard to the British Columbia Supreme Court until mid-2007. The process included Bob’s bank accounts being frozen. So their creditors and suppliers became nervous as they were not getting paid on time. That led to inventory shortages and ultimately lost customers.

Fortunately in November 2007, she had a successful kidney transplant. It had kept her alive and returned to living a normal life. Unfortunately, her health battles have killed the family relationship as well as burned all their financial and material assets. Divorce

The medical system as we know it is dysfunctional. It is only profitable when people get sick or are already in pain. Unhealthy lifestyle destroys not only the sick person but as well as everything around that person. Healing a mentally sick person brought about by stroke is strictly for professionals only with the right technology.

It is people like my best friends Bob and Margaret who have inspired me to change healthcare. I am not a doctor nor a healer, but I have the power to assemble professional service providers. My mission is to prevent people from getting sick in the mind, in the first place. The brain attack damaged a part of Margaret’s brain. Western medicine was not enough to heal her. I believe in integrative and personalized medicine. I believe it is not too late to cure our sick healthcare system. We all have friends like Bob and Margaret and we can prevent the damages they went through. I believe that with Healthy Crowdfunder’s mission of co-financing and co-developing predictive, preventive, and personalized health, we will make this world a healthier and loving place.


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2 responses to “A Mini-Stroke Can Damage More Than the Brain (Why Finance Health Part 3)

  1. Thank you for those of you who “liked this” It would be nice to share your stories as to why advancing health solutions is important to you. Thanks to Parenting and Stuff. I was shocked about your story about your 12 year old experience with her friends. It says something about the mental health state of our society. You gave me another reason to move forward with Healthy Crowdfunder.


  2. Refering to the Placebo and Nocebo video you posted here, if there is only a way to mend the heart…


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