Why Finance Health – Part 2

Ikaria Greece

How many of you have experienced someone close to you having health challenges and in some cases life threatening? How many of you wish there is something you could have done to help that person? It is never too late to do something because someday, the next person could be you. You do not have to be a doctor to save someone’s life. All you have to do is care. Care for others as you care for yourself. That means, doing something to prevent people from getting sick in the first place.

While working on the pre-launch of Healthy Crowdfunder, we are attempting to educate our audience, in particular, the customers of the companies we will co-develop and co-invest in.

Here’s a sampling of our posts the past week:
1. Dan Buettner talks about The Island Where People Forget to Die

Top reasons why they live longer:
 Living with a purpose
 Hanging out with equal minded friends
 Volunteering or investing in others
 Wine, plant-based diets
 Praying, meditating or taking a nap.

2. How about this? Doctor Prescribing Apps Instead of Pills

3. Qualcomm supports Wireless Health

At Healthy Crowdfunder, our strategy is to co-develop and co-invest in health solutions that someday could save or extend our lives. Do something to prevent people from getting sick in the first place. Support us and recommend our social media links to your friends and family.

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