Healthy Crowdfunder Announces Landing Page Milestone

It all started at 6 Degrees on October 7, 2011 when Joy whispered and planted a seed inside my mind. I believed her reluctantly. She talked about so many ideas as in AnIdeanation. As a finance man, crowdfunding kept echoing in my ears. In April 2011, Obama approved the JOBS Act and I asked – what is the big deal that it needed Obama’s signature? Then sometime late May or June, Kickstarter raised over $10 million for Pebble Watch. This time I said I got to take this seriously. I went back to our shareholders at Antamarka Resources Inc and announced a change of strategy from financing junior mining exploration in Peru and Colombia to financing health wellness and high tech health ventures in the world. With the “Great Recession” we’re in, going back to the basics as food or health combined with an ageing population, it was an easy decision.

This week is a milestone event for us. Special thanks go to Alon and his team at InvestedIn; Nick, Jason and his production team at Blue Chip Productions and last but not least to Joy, my best friend “Queen of Crowdfunding” and co-host at FunditTV Behold, we present our first landing page
click here –

Download your free checklist for entrepreneurs and investors and subscribe to our forthcoming regular health tips.

I am Antonio, at your service. Join us in our mission “to help people live long happy healthy lives, in mind body and spirit”.

Welcome to the world’s first largest happy and joyful Healthy Crowdfunder!


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4 responses to “Healthy Crowdfunder Announces Landing Page Milestone

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  2. PS – For the record it was Joy who came up with the name Healthy Crowdfunder. To reciprocate I will also support FunditTV and AnIdeanation. Quid pro quo.



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