Balancing Social Returns with Financial Returns


What just happened?

Now that a lot people know we are looking for clients to finance in health space, we are inundated with enquiries and proposals to crowdfund their business. We have published our investment or listing criteria but since we are friendly, we have a tendency to entertain most queries. We wish to apologize ahead that we will try to accommodate as many of you as possible but you also have to understand the position of our current clients. We need to spend our limited resources to fast track their crowdfunding campaign. If we had wasted time on you, we have also done you a disfavor. You could benefit from their health solutions. Nevertheless, we thank all enquiries. Please remember if we say no now, it is not no forever. It means improve your value proposition and then come back to us.

The Integrity Test

The past two weeks, our integrity has been tested. We are pleased to say we have passed We would have gladly accepted the retainer, but no, we are not going to compromise our values.

The Challenge

Energy product

A client approached us indicating their product had the requisite approval of the health regulatory authorities. We tested its efficacy and it worked. Until one day, our organics technical expert looked at the ingredients. We almost fell from our chairs and puked. The ingredients included things that will cause ADD, toxic, and carcinogenic effects. Why did  the client claim their product had the approval already by the Natural Health Product Directorate or by the Food and Drug Administration?

Anti-smoking product

A good friend has also approached us to consider crowdfunding a product that will replace the cigarettes.  We like the product because by quitting smoking it will prevent people from getting lung cancer, emphysema or other lung diseases.  We also like that the product is being marketed by a famous Hollywood producer so their ability to dominate the market is indisputable. Having worked in the nutraceutical industry, we know it is quite common for big pharma to acquire the nutraceuticals that are cannibalizing their drugs. It is simple economics.

So here is the question. I asked my friend if she is willing to tell her client that as a condition of entering into a contract, they do not sell out to the cigarette manufacturer on exit date. We debated for about half an hour. The answer was a deafening no. I asked her to look at other M&A exit opportunities before discussing my conditions to the client. The answer was still a flat no. Conclusion: A no begets a no.

Why is this important?

Healthy Crowdfunder has a mission to “help people live long happy healthy lives.” It is our mantra.  We care about our bodies and other people’s bodies. Healthy Crowdfunder is not just about making money. It is about making a sustainable change in the way we live in this planet earth. It is about saving and extending people’s lives. It is about caring.

Your mission

You can refer us clients to finance who genuinely identify with our mission. Through that alone, your children and great- great children will love you forever.


Healthy Crowdfunder Corp is a crowdfunder backed by ALA Midas Capital Inc focused on financing health wellness and high tech health ventures, where a balance of financial and social returns is part of our investment criteria.

ALA Midas Capital Inc is in the merchant banking and public venture capital business taking private companies public in a recognized Canadian stock exchange as well as arranging financing, mergers and acquisition, reorganization and restructuring transactions.


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