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Healthy Crowdfunder Trio Meets BC Premier Christy Clark

(At the Liberal Party Delegate Policy Conference, August 25, 2012)

Commitment means saying something and actually doing it. When Joy Case and I said we will see Premier Christy Clark to convince her that a BC JOBS Act similar to President Obama’s April 5, 2012 historic approval will create jobs. We meant it. Joining us was Heidi Henderson, CEO of Vital Wellness who is about to open a holistic clinic in the health conscious Kitsilano community of Vancouver.

In British Columbia we are committed to achieving two immediate goals:

  1. Create jobs in collaboration with our securities regulators, by designing an entrepreneur friendly and investor safe equity/ debt based crowdfunding.
  2. Through Healthy Crowdfunder, help reduce health care costs by financing and co-developing health wellness and high tech health ventures, starting in Canada and in the United States.

At the conference, like anywhere we went, we have realized that we have a huge job just to educate people what crowdfunding is all about. Why is it important that we met with Premier Clark? Just like what Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, and Zak Cassady-Dorion obtained the approval of President Obama, we wish to win Premier Christy Clark’s buy-in right from the top, as soon as possible. We know we have to meet with Mr Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation, but he was not at the conference. Creating jobs is a global issue.  The results emanating from the current debate or process to implement practical securities rules for crowdfunding apply to Canada as well. Why reinvent the wheel, when we can improve upon what our American friends are already doing? We have enough challenge as it is because Canada has 13 different securities regulators as opposed to just one national regulator. Consider this: we are a country of 30 million people versus 300 million people in the US. If you are an entrepreneur,  which is the bigger market and farther ahead with crowdfunding? We do not want to lose you, our brains to our neighbors when we need you here to create jobs and economic growth.

We wish to thank Scott Harrison, President of the Liberal Party delegates for Vancouver West End riding, who has made it possible for us to meet with Premier Clark at such a timely manner. We also wish to thank Dr Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Labour, Citizen’s Services and Open Government, who has given us more tips on how we can access other political leaders. For a copy of the White Paper prepared by Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best, and Davis Jones, see CCA Government White Paper .

To our fellow entrepreneurs, let your voices be heard. For the first time in financial history, and partly due to advances in social media technology, and a more open generation, we should be able to design  entrepreneur friendly and investor safe securities rules for crowdfunding.

We are looking for leaders who identify with our mission and help us execute. Please contact Antonio Arias via While our crowdfunding platform is under construction, we are posting health matters and crowdfunding developments at that page.


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Regulators Delaying Crowdfunding Rules

To entrepreneurs out there, voice out your support for crowdfunding. The SECs in the US and the fence sitters in each Canadian provinces are not doing anything to advance the completion of the rules because they just dont understand. Look at successful experience in Australia, UK, and the Netherlands. The issue in north America is loss of power and perceived loss of income to certain market players. It is up to the entrepreneurs to scream and ask “what about our interest?”

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Hello World!


Welcome to Healthy Crowdfunder.

Join us in our mission to help people live long happy healthy lives as we co-finance and co-develop entrepreneurs involved in health wellness and high tech health ventures.

Crowdfunding is a historic development in finance made possible by social media, the open collaborative and transparent culture it engenders. Let’s use this opportunity to make our world a better place to be.

We are starting this blog to share with you our knowledge and experience about crowdfunding and health. In the process we are hoping you can do the same with your comments. By sharing we grow together and make all of us collectively better. We want this blog to be interactive. If there are topics or subjects you want us to cover, please let us know. We may not have the immediate answers but we will endeavour to find them for you.

We at Healthy Crowdfunder are committed to work smart and still have fun while serving you.

Enjoy and have a FUNtastic day!

Antonio and the happy healthy crowdfunding team

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Healthy Crowdfunder

Pre-launch introduction. Stay tuned for further developments.

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August 19, 2012 · 7:14 pm